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Breve' Art
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Better today!

My shots were perfect today, but I only got to make 6. I lack customers in a big way, and I don't even charge for coffee, and there's no tip jar. I accost anyone that comes to my home, "Would you like coffee?", I ask eagerly. I will make a cup for anyone that will have one. If you deliver a new phone book here, or knock on my door with a survey, you'll be offered coffee. I love to hear the ooohs and aaahs and compliments when they see and taste that this ain't just coffee or even espresso. I make it with passion and joy, it may not be up to international cupping or barista competition standards, but I don't get complaints. I truly don't know industry taste standards at all, don't need to so far. Occasionally someone will ask for sugar or Irish Cream or Hazelnut or chocolate. I will turn away while I grimace, and do my best to accomodate their request. I hate the whole idea of putting anything in already phenomenal tasting coffee, but these folks just think they like coffee because they drink a grande raspberry white chocolate mocha with whipped cream every day. I will usually ask them to try one plain first, like I drink them, explaining that this is different than Starbucks, and most try it and like it. Others are ruled by their sugar jones, and insist on sugar or flavor or both. I have even started keeping sugar and syrups around, so they can tell others that I'm set up like a real stand.
More later, Happy Extracting!

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